The Recruitment Genome Project: So Long Resumes, Hello DNA!

What would you think if you were hired for a job, not because of your skills, your sunny personality, or even (let's just say it) your appearance; because, instead, the company was focusing upon your genes to determine if you're a good match or not? That's exactly what innovative company Arbita is proposing by taking a closer look at how the Human Genome Project could play a role in job recruitment.
Genome Recruitment Project 
Genome Recruitment Project
Arbita is a recruitment marketing company that's decided to participate in the Human Genome Recruitment project to help pinpoint which essential genes relate to specific skills and elements that can help employers determine whether someone will be a good fit for their job or company, or if they should move onto the next candidate.
For those looking to participate in a project that could potentially be the wave of recruitment in the future - there's a survey published on Arbita's website. Some of it seems to be for the progression of their company, while part of it will help researchers
eventually determine how to hire by simply looking at DNA.

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