HIXAM's Amazon Credit Guide - How I Get $180-$240 per Month Free! 100% Legit

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A full list of ways I get Free Amazon.com Credit FREE.

I get $45-$60 of free credit per week, which works out to $180-$240 per month.

Listia ($80-$120 Amazon credit per month)
This is an auction site like e-Bay, only difference is everything is 100% free! If you list something it has to be 100% free and anything you win has to be 100% free.
You can get free credits by selling stuff, which I sell a lot of free codes I get online, or you can try out the offers. (Ex: Netflix is worth 10,000 credits)
I currently get $20-$30 amazon credit from this site every week. Prices have seemed to have jumped since I first joined a couple months back. $1 amazon credit is going for ~1,000 credits. I save up for the larger auctions now and get a $5-$20 cards for ~800 points per $1.
You get 500 points free at sign up CLICK HERE if nothing else you can get some cheap xbox live avatar codes.
See my other posts on Listia HERE

Swagbucks ($20 Amazon credit per month)
Sign up Here: SWAGBUCKS
I get about 100-125 swag bucks a day for free for just doing searches, daily polls and watching Swagbucks TV (see links below)
**A $5 amazon.com Gift Card is 450sb with a limit of 4or5 per month. This works out to $.011 per SB (takes 10 days for delivery)

**A $25 Amazon.com Gift Card is 3,150sb. This works out to .007 per SB
**So it is better to buy the one of the $5 cards instead of saving up for the $25

Get 80 Swagbucks guaranteed everyday by Doing these:
1 Swagbuck a day for voting in the daily poll (just click and vote, takes 5 seconds) CLICK HERE
1 for looking at the surveys (just open the page and you get 1 Swagbuck) CLICK HERE
1 Swagbuck for having the toolbar installed (should give it to you when you start up your browser) CLICK HERE
2 Swagbucks for the No Obligation Special Offers (just click NEXT OFFER or SKIP 4-5 times and get 2sb) CLICK HERE
75 Swagbucks for watching Swagbucks TV (every 10 videos you watch you get 3sb up to 75sb per day) CLICK HERE

1 Swagbuck for referring friends, you get 1sb per day. Just Email 1 person a day and get a bonus sb. Don’t email everyone at once or you will only get 1sb for it, save them for another day. CLICK HERE
Use SwagCodes for extra Swagbucks, there are many sites dedicated to posting or helping you find the posted codes. I use SwagCodeSpoilers & EZswag

More ways of earning:
Offers: You can also do offers. CLICK HERE
Daily Deals CLICK HERE
Surveys: Not really worth your time. CLICK HERE
Games: I don’t have time to play CLICK HERE

Referring Friends, get up to 500sb matched points

Predicto, GuessSMS & TvTxtr($20-$30 Amazon credit per month)
Save up 1000 points for each site and cash out for a $10 Amazon.com gift card. This takes about 1 month for Predicto & 6 weeks for TvTxtr & GuessSMS .
They post questions/predictions and you make a guess. For each question answered you get 5 points (doesn’t matter right or wrong) They post a couple of new predictions every day.
All you do is guess and then enter the captcha. When signing up DO NOT sign up for the "premium account" just sign up for the free account.
Sign up for Predicto HERE
Sign up for GuessSMS HERE
Sign up for TvTxtr HERE
See my other posts on Predicto sites HERE

Celebrity Squares($10 Amazon credit per month)
Celebrity Squares is a site that rewards you for playing a simple celebrity news game. You are asked 15 questions every week and if you get all 15 correct you get a bonus 900 points. You get 60 points for each correct answer and 10 for each wrong answer.
Making it a max of 1,800 points per week. The first Amazon gift card offered is a $10 Amazon.com for 10,000 points.
See my other posts on Celebrity Squares HERE

Bing Rewards($40-$50 Amazon credit per month)
You get credits for doing daily searches and clicking on the daily offers. You get anywhere from 16-43 credits per day depending on the current offer.
You can cash in for a $2.50 Amazon card for 250/275 points and 450/475 points for $5 (silver/gold price)

You are allowed 5 Bing accounts per household. I use all 5 to get $40-$50 Amazon credit per month.
If you haven't signed up yet CLICK HERE to sign up and read my post HERE

See my other posts on Bing Rewards HERE

App Trailers($5 Amazon credit per month)
Get points for watching videos. Cash in 1000 credits for $1 Amazon Credit (this credit is shared with app trailers see below)
You get points for watching videos. Videos are 10-25 points each
1. Download the App HERE (for iTunes)or HERE (for Android )
2. Register your device and confirm the email
3. Watch the video
4. Your credit will be deposited, you can redeem for gift cards
amazon.com credit is a min of 1000 ($1.00)
5. Use code "sdcblog" and get Bonus credits

See my other posts on App Trailers HERE

App Redeem($5 Amazon credit per month)
Get points for trying free apps. Cash in 1000 credits for $1 Amazon Credit. (this credit is shared with app trailers see above)
You get points for Downloading free apps. Apps pay 1000-100 each
1. First from your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Tablet go HERE (for iTunes) or HERE (for Android)
2. Register your device and confirm the email
3. Select the free app from app redeem and it will direct you to iTunes or the android market place and download the app and install
4. open the app and give it a try
5. go back to app redeem and it will ask you to rate the app on a 1-5 star rating
6. You credit will be deposited, you can redeem for amazon credit (min Amazon is $1.00 for 1000 credits)
7. Use code "sdcblog" and get extra Bonus credits

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