Easiest Money Ever!!! Mybrowsercash + Vagex

Hey folks !

MyBrowserCash as the name says is a Site that pays you to install an software on your PC and run ads as you browse the web. I was not getting lots of ads so I've tried something that really, really, really worked. Check it Out:

1. Register to MyBrowserCash


2. Download and Install the Software


3. Register on Vagex

Non-Ref D:

4. Download the Vagex Autoviewer for your Desktop


5. Run both MyBrowserCash Software and Vagex Autoviewer

Vagex runs their videos throug an hidden IE Window, this way you'll be getting MyBrowserCash Ads and Credits on Vagex (You can sell or use in Videos) earning money almost automatically.

MyBrowserCash Ads Looks Like This:

In the first days you'll be earning only a few cents But, I said BUT, you can save this money to buy Referral Shares on MBC that'll get you 0,11$/day for 60 days and at the day 61 you'll receive $1 bonus on your account balance plus a $2 bonus on your Buy Balance. Each Referral Share is $5,5 and as a Free User you can get up to 20 ($2,20/day!!!) Keep reinvesting and you'll see your money growing with no effort at all.

Payment Proof

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