Top paying advertising companies after Google Adsence

ways to earn money after Google adsenseThere are a lot of top advertising publishing sites existing in this online marketing field. But still Google Adsense is leading all other marketing companies. Many famous website owners and blog users are using  Adsense to gain from their own original contents as it is best than other marketing sites. Adsense will present some sensitive advertisement codes for website owners to show it in homepage or with their inventive contents. Then these codes will mechanically start displaying good related ads together with their creative title and contents. Adsense will offer two kinds of ads image and text, ad users can put those ads to their websites in good ad placing positions to get high returns.

Google will always firmly follow their regulations from their Adsense policies and they won’t give endorsement soon for all website owners. Therefore, you can say Adsense is a quality advertising website and they are searching for some quality websites to show their ads. Small sites won’t get endorsement soon in Adsense so lots of  new website users is searching for alternative advertising publishing sites to display ads in their websites.
Most of the Adsense accounts are getting deactivated due to few mistakes which are performed by website owners. So they are looking for Google adsense alternatives. Some top advertising companies are also anticipating more users count from a site. So they won’t give endorsement for the low users visiting sites.


Infolinks is the top online advertising company available on the web these days. They display ads for mouse hover on particular keywords. Infolinks will not support you if you have a low traffic, your Infolinks earnings might raise high and high as your site traffic goes high and high. Only select this alternative if you have a very good traffic otherwise it is not for you. Infolinks provides you the payout through your paypal account or your bank wire.


Chitika is considered as one of the best alternatives for Google adsense. During the establishment of Chitika advertisement a lot of people thought that it will be the best Google adsense alternative. But it does not keep pace with Google adsense, however when exploring the existing alternatives of Google adsense, Chitika is the best.  Chitika also approves request from low traffic sites.

Chitika also hold a lot of advertising companies in their hand which offer profesional advertisements. They offer both text and image advertisement. It also shows ads based on displayed keywords, which boosts the click rate. As well as referral program is offered.


It is one of the most admired and oldest advertisement networks that permit you to gain money from your blog or web site. Unlike other related advertising companies, AdBrite is focused to sell ads on your web site by showing a banner advertisement on your website. The user who wants to place an ad on your website can simply show his advertisement. It is very simple to use for every person, and it’s absolutely free.

4.Technorati Media

Technorati Media is also considered as one of the top alternatives of Google adsense, these days. They have the major social media marketing network. They offer outcome to their users and make a relationship with them. They pay well but it is hard to get the account activated. The advertisement types are generally Image based. However, at times you can see Google Adsense ads on Technorati Media Ads.


BuySellAds is a further ad network where users come together for selling and buying marketing spaces. Instantly you present your blog to BuySellAds network, your blog information will be obtained mechanically. To join BuySellAds and get activated, you need to have some good amount of page views and traffic. Once your request gets accepted, you can set up an area for BSA on your blog and then stay for advertisers to bid for the ads. You must have good Alexa rank to get approve.


Bidtrafic network is also known as a top alternative of Google adsense. They offer the maximum earnings from your traffic in contrast to other paying companies. This develops from the simple fact that, for above six years, they’ve worked determinedly and industriously in the Pay-Per Click advertisement. And since that time they’ve gained both exclusive and lasting partnerships with a number of feed providers. And the users have provided them with the uppermost rates in the field.


This is one of the top in the income sharing advertisement companies wherein they focus small-scale business and autonomous individual blogs to make a huge amount on the number of registered clients. This is one of the most elegant advertisement revenue sharing networks with fascinating ads with the similar ease that you generally get from adsense and therefore is highly suggested for novices.


Luminate Inc. is an online advertising network and presently the market leader in making the images more relative, providing World’s former platform for image application. At present, it serves more than 30 billion page views a year and 150 million users for each month. This primary platform gets functional when a user mouse-over’s an image, showing the relevant information and products to that user. It considers the keywords that have been labeled with an image and then show the related ads consequently. The payout can be received through Standard cheque or on a PayPal account.


Your success with eBay varies according to the position but you can make reasonable money with it. You wouldn’t put eBay advertisements as your primary source of revenue since this will waste space you can use for better advertisements.

Nevertheless, as a secondary or tertiary promoter, if you have some open space left, you can give a try to eBay.

10.Revenue Pilot

Revenue Pilot offers users with the most pioneering, resourceful, and effective method to monetize traffic. The Pay per Click (PPC) or the Pay for Performance (PFP) market has made sufficient opportunity for the web publishing society to turn its traffic into pure earnings. Revenue Pilot provides its associates faultless entrance into this highly lucrative arena through its debut Pay per Click Network.

Another in-text marketing program with the alternative of selling text links and getting activated is again simple. In order to get satisfactory money from this program you require higher page-rank and good traffic for better back-link price.


Affinity is also one of the good advertising networks and the services offered by affinity program are ad cloud ads, In-image ads, In-Text ads, In-Page ads and In-footer ads program. The expense of the program is also high and the network runs a Pay per click program and you will be remunerated for every single click.


Bidvertiser is exceptional in that they not merely pay for clicks, but pay an added bonus for alterations. They also provide a toolbar option. On an eCPM basis, it is greatly out-performing any of the programs.


Kontera is an in-text marketing network program that underlines the keywords in the website. It makes irritating to some users as ads are presented in a pop-up window. It is best for the content affluent blogs. Kontera is very easy in organizing ads code. If you have blog then it is even simple to include the widgets to your blog. Pays are made through PayPal, Wire-transfer and Check.


LinkShare has an enormous group of ad list. It offers associate links and has a few of the best companies of the world such as Apple, Istockphoto, Dell, Playboy, Sony etc on their shelf. LinkShare is highly recommended if you need to advertise affiliate products on your blog.


TribalFusion is the best Google adsense alternative and provides you the best payments in terms of CPM, CPC and higher CTR in the industry. They have great obligations to be fulfilled such as minimum of 500,000 new views per month, frequently updated and highly targeted blogs and they even search for the design of your website. The advantages of TribalFusion comprise wide group of solutions, better optimization and a true partnership for you marketing solutions.


Adpepper media is one of the pioneering, sovereign international online promotion marketers. You can team up with adpepper and can get inclusive set of opportunities to advertise online presence gainfully, whether international or national in scope. The network also presents weekly payouts.


Dynamic oxygen is one of the beginners in online advertising network. You can also say this online marketing company is developing faster gradually and surpassing many old online marketing companies. It is believed that a lot of ad providers only give their ads for specific nation but this dynamic oxygen offers its ad service for all and it aims for all universal users.

It provides content, web bar, search targeted and mobile advertisements. favors websites which get natural traffic from many countries.


AffiliateFuture’s company can help to simply enhance a website’s earning prospective and it gets payouts monthly for producing visits, sales or leads. 

AffiliateFuture makes it simple for publishers to sign up with no establishment costs or amount and ample of tools and sources to start earning.


AdBull offers publishers a great method to make money from blog. They have very easy sign up procedure and approve new website within 24 hours of registration.

They offer image ads and text links ads. All you need to do is just produce ad code and connect your blog pages and ads are showed immediately. They only shell out through PayPal or Check and payout is quite higher as compared to other advertisement programs. AdBull also have a recommendation program in which you can refer this network to your relatives and start making earnings.


AdsGadget is the ideal alternative for any publishers searching for an efficient, high-paying self-serve advertisement platform to monetize their site traffic. 

AdsGadget needs no minimum verge for payment or inkling volume and maintains all geographic locations. AdsGadget hosts an unlimited number of promoters from all industries globally that work with all models such as CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC, producing the highest eCPMs possible. The publisher gets 80 percent returns share from all profits received.


Claxon Media provides multiple ad formats, precise stats, well-timed payments, high fill rates, low minimum earning obligations and the capacity to opt out of ads, preview ads, and set up defaults. Claxon Media also assure speedy responses to questions and the best customer service potential.


Nuffnang is the primary Asia Pacific blog promotion community, with above 100,000 Nuffnang users in Asia Pacific. It is a blog promotional company that is alternative to Google Adsense. Nuffnang only runs their ads on websites or blogs. Other than permitting bloggers to serve advertisements from a range of advertisers, Nuffnang also concentrates efforts on creating the blogging communities in countries it has presence in.

25.Exit Junction

Exit Junction is the pioneering, non-invasive, exit-traffic monetization network. Join the Exit Junction network and achieve access to all the essential tools required for you to make money from your traffic. You can get remunerated for serving imperceptible ads. Your website ad space remains unscathed and you can keep on using your current ad-providers on your website, except now you will have an added income stream.


ValueClickMedia is one of the most trustworthy lead generation providers, high payouts, quality campaigns and the tools and backup to earn more from your post-registration supply. Your website or blog must have at least 3000 Page Views on a monthly basis to be activated.

27.Casale Media

Casale Media provides high CPM rates, except that they also provide CPM set rates. To become Casale Media user you must get 50,000 new visitors very month.


Intellilinks is a comparable service to infolinks but well worth trying. Intellilinks focuses in putting organic text links across an ever-developing network of websites in order to create traffic and rank for advertisers and augmented returns for publishers. Intellilinks concentrates on offering cutting edge technology, while keeping the network flawless and safe to bring fallout to their customers and returns to their publishers.


Those searching for a huge cost per click ad program should work with AdKnowledge since it is one of the most successful ways to get the best eCPM in the industry. Assigning your ad range to AdKnowledge is the ideal way out for search, email and web range.


Contextweb is one of the great leading online promotion networks that bring considerable online ad performance on millions of instantaneous impressions daily. It not only pays per clicks but also it pays per intuition. If your blog have a superior number of intuitions daily, then you should try it. They shell out payments through direct Checks and PayPal.


Amazon is a further CPA advertisement network that works excellent for lots of publishers. It is particularly good if you have a tech website as there are many cool gadgets there but as they have offers in about any position, it is also an alternative. 

Their advertisements are context responsive and due to this are almost always appropriate. But, their conditions are very intricate and it will take you plenty of time to get acquainted with what payments you will be getting for your sales.

32.Yahoo Publisher Network

The Yahoo Publisher Network is also presented just for USA publishers and is not accessible at all for others. This is one of the most specialized adsense alternatives that can balance with Adsense. The payment is good and the network is trustworthy as it is from Yahoo!

33.Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is one of the greatest ways to make online earnings. For direct advertising make promotional page to get direct advertisers. You have to share your site traffic information, pricing information or type of payment on marketing.


It is the best substitute of Google AdSense along with best substitute of BuySellAds. You can produce a variety of ads banner together with ads zones to monetize your blog.


Smowtion is a new entry into advertisement business with gifted future, and similarly promising for new comers and skilled webmasters or bloggers. Founded in 2008 at Florida, USA, Smowtion works by combining different relevancy techniques such as contextual, behavioral and predictive targeting and ways of inventory recital, which permits advertisers to reach besieged users anywhere on net.


Adgitize has been very famous among a range of bloggers and publishers since it is 100% legit and it approves all type of bloggers and publishers. The payout is quite satisfactory which can be conveyed through alert pay and paypal.

37.AffiliateBot Network

AffiliateBOT is one of the swift developing Affiliate Network in the globe, bringing Merchants, Bloggers, Publishers, Advertisers and even Individuals together. You can turn your website into a money-making machine with AffiliateBot Network. Control on your traffic to gain from the best programs and campaigns in the industry.


Adtegrity makes it convenient for publishers to get remunerated for their hard slog. It does an enormous job of providing some of the most inventive and interactive promotion available online.

39.Adsdaq (CPM)

Adsdaq is quite distinctive from the rest. The slogan is, make more money here or return to your old publisher’s ads. You are the one responsible of how much advertisers have to reimburse. If there are no promoters that can deliver with the charges you set, your sponsorship ads will turn up instead until there is an advertiser eager to pay. This is a huge functionality to make the most of your income.


It offers ability to sell advertisements and make money. You only require a website and the capacity to alter the HTML. You can sell ads on whatever cost you need and you get 75 percent of the ads sold on your website and you get the full authority of the ads posted on the site. They also have several types of ad formats that possibly very less sites provide such as pop under ads, peel away ads, splash ads and lot more and you also get remunerated for clicks on the ads revealed on your site.


Rydium was established in 1999 with a command to provide branding and direct reply advertising possibilities across a group of position content online publishers. Rydium keeps on maintaining its place as a best online advertising company.

The Rydium Network is twisted by best performing websites. It promotes and works with everyone in person, giving both the publisher and the advertiser considerable advertising opportunities. By marketing within the Rydium Network, your operation will reach its embattled and savvy addressees, as it has structured its network with different channels to provide diversification and the prospect to appropriately optimize the advertiser’s campaigns.


It is one of the best Google adsense alternatives which involves many ad formats and also provides you a chance image feature of ad zones and block surplus ads. All websites are approved by pogads and you can gain utmost using ad rotation and it takes a couple of minutes to get started.

43.CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive monetizes ad range for publishers varying from the most high profile intentions to those best kept furtive that gently deliver the highest ROIs. CPX Interactive holds up in-page display, rich media, flash, text ad units and video pre-roll.

44.Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media have up to 6,000 top publishers, reaching above 250 million new users per month. Some of the products are Vibrant In-Text Ads, Vibrant Related Content, Vibrant Image, Vibrant Lightbox and Vibrant Display.

These are just a few of the Google adsense alternatives. The good thing is that there are lot more Google adsense alternatives that are also worth trying. However, these are more admired by people and it is believed that they work. Well, the fact that they work for one person doesn’t essentially mean that they will work for everyone else. In reality, under some situations the companies that are not included in the list could be even better alternatives to Google adsense but you won’t realize this unless you try them. The world doesn’t end or start with Google Adsense, though definitely it is one truly good ad program.

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